theshowmustgo0n vs ghost.zacard

2010-Mar-10, 04:04
Map: maps / frozenthrone / (2) echoisles.w3x
maps: echoisles
Game Type: ladder
Play Time: 14:19
Game Number: 2 / 2
Game Version: 1.18

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WoW Skinning Skill for WoW Gold

2010-Mar-10, 12:00

For making , we introduce you skinning, an effective way, because you can complete it during the process of your travels without having to return to any zones or anything. You can skin as you kill regular mobs.  &l t;/font>

In most guides, there are a few proposed good locations where you should spend more time searching for creatures to skin. At lower levels, these areas are the ones where high volumes of hunting quests are performed such as Stranglethorn Vale, where the expedition mastery quests, which combine to make up 60 separate kills for each player, can leave trails of bodies ready for you to skin throughout the zone.

The most important point to skinning for wow gold is knowing where to go, when to go there and how long to spend on farming for wow gold. If you get those key information, you can make easily a large number of .


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